Learning Ideology

The academic heart of Wise Indian’s is enhanced and lightened by the warm relationships between staff and students, the sheer joy they have in learning, and the encouragement everyone is given to dig deeper; explore ideas, challenge preconceptions, and develop their ideas. Learning here is not just about passing exams. It is about a love of academic pursuits, inspiration, and imagination. It is about the quest for ‘very great wisdom and understanding, and knowledge as vast as the sands of the seashore’.

WISE Indian Private School aligns education practices with the objectives of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.
The major objectives include:

  • Define adequate approaches in conformation with values enshrined in the Constitution, should lead to the all-round development of the child, build up child’s knowledge, potentiality, talent and develop physical and mental abilities to the fullest extent.
  •  Develop norms for implementation of these learning should be through activities, discovery and exploration in a child-centered manner and Continuous and follow Comprehensive Evaluation of child’s understanding and knowledge.
  • Prepare the students for citizenship responsibilities, successful careers, acquisition of life skills and life-long learning.

We all know that the emphasis of Child-Centered Education as a Continuous and Comprehensive evaluation is the holistic development of learners. This envisages conceptual clarification through experiential learning in classrooms as the focus is placed on both scholastic and co-scholastic areas along with developing life skills, attitudes, creative thinking, critical thinking, social skills and emotional skills.

All this comes collectively to offer the students of WISE School, UAQ with a child-centered, holistic education; which aligns with appropriate mental, pedagogical and social concepts.