Our Principal

Our Principal

Welcome to WISE Indian Private School, Umm Al, Quwain! A School with a heart where every child matters.

At WISE Indian Private School, Umm Al, Quwain we follow the CBSE curriculum as a framework which we then adapt to ensure a conceptual, integrated and enriched learning experience for our young learners. We believe that our children are an important resource of this future world and it is the responsibility of us teachers and the parents to make them future ready!

They need to be trained to learn new skills- skills like Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Enquiring Minds, Emotional Intelligence and Leadership.

Children need to be able to read and write, to manipulate number, to use technology effectively when required and to hypothesise and investigate. However, they must also be able to communicate effectively in many different forms, collaborate with others, problem solve, take risks and accept challenges in their learning. Children must be resilient and understand that mistakes help them learn and grow as individuals, and so we talk regularly about the importance of developing a growth mind-set.

I am excited to be a part of WISE Indian Private School’s journey, and it is my ambition as a Principal to help students meet their fullest potential both academically and socially by providing an atmosphere of warmth and care.  My educational philosophy is that happy children learn well, and they learn very well when they are challenged.

Anjana Iraddi