About us

About School

Wise Indian Private School is a warm, caring, and vibrant community that provides support and challenge to ensure that all students, regardless of their starting points, achieve well to go on or to lead happy and fulfilled lives. Our school provides an effective form of learning, allowing students to learn efficiently as well as giving them time to do all the activities they love. We recognize there are no limits to a child’s potential and our aim is simple; to facilitate academic and personal success by bringing each person to the fullness of life through education and an environment that embraces values – respect, tolerance, consistent discipline, and humanitarian spirit.


To be a child in our Nursery-Kindergarten is to enter into the realm of guided joyful discovery.

In these early years a foundation is being created academically, socially, and emotionally upon which all other grades will build. Our teachers who are experts in early childhood education, provide students with a balanced approach to learning, emphasizing collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, play, and hands-on exploration.


Mastering Skills.

During their years in Primary grades, our students build on the core academic skills they learned in Kindergarten and assume more responsibility and independence. Primary Grade students strengthen their sense of self and deepen their participation in the WIPS community.


Time to spread the wings and fly.

 The most important goals of our students during the middle school years are to develop strong study habits, to continue to embrace learning, and to value education. Our expert educators enhance the learning by using the right instructional strategies to maximize the learning advantages and address the learning challenges of middle school learners to achieve success.


Taking the lead, Creating their future.

We see our students’ years in the Secondary level as a time to come to know themselves as members of an active learning environment. We recognize them as future leaders and provide them a never-ending range of opportunities to grow, excel and become creative thinkers and outstanding students to excel, to develop existing talents and to develop new ones, and become innovative, creative thinkers and responsible global citizens.