Rules & Regulations


  • Students must always be Polite to all Fellow – Students, Teachers and all other Non – Teaching staff.
  • Use of Abusive Language and Harsh Tones is not Permissible in any Situation.
  • Students must be Punctual to the School. Students should also be Punctual in Reporting back to class after breaks, Activities or Classes in the Labs.
  • Running, Playing or Shouting in Corridors or class rooms is Strictly Prohibited.
  • Loitering in the Campus is not allowed.
  • Students of all classes are Strictly Prohibited from Bringing Mobile Phones, Flash Drives, I-Pods or any other Gadget to the School.
  • Students should not carry cash to the School. Students are also Requested not to Indulge in Borrowing or Lending of Cash to Other Students.
  • Students should not wear Expensive Ornaments.
  • Students are not allowed to wear Fancy and Colorful Clothes except on birthdays or when specially permitted by the School Authorities.
  • Students must take care of the School Property and Belongings. Any damage to School property caused by the Students will have to be made Good at the Parent’s Expense.
  • Students are Expected to be Environment-Friendly. Wastage of Electricity, Or Water and Any Damage to Plants must be avoided at all costs.

Personal Care and Hygiene

  • Students should keep a Cotton Cloth or Napkin or Small Towel for their use before and After Food.
  • Students can keep a Spare Dress with the School Store for Emergency use.
  • Students should Inform the School Office Or Nurse if they are on Any Treatment.


  • The School gives Minimum Home-Work as a matter of Practice. However some assignments may be given on week-ends to Student of class five and above.
  • In case of unexpected holidays are declared by the ministry, the Teaching plans may get disturbed. In such Cases, some Home-work may be given. The parents and Students are Expected to Cooperate with this arrangement in their own best Interests.
  • Students must take the initiative in Getting his/her work completed if he/she Misses a Class Owing to any Reason. Teachers will surely help them, but it is not the Teacher’s Responsibility to remind them in the case of Class III and above.
  • Extra reading and widening of the horizons of knowledge is always appreciated by the school.
  • Students’ participation in extracurricular activities is appreciated. However Participation in Extracurricular Activities or Interschool Competitions cannot be used as an excuse for not studying.
  • Students are expected to take in the assessments seriously. Students found to be indulging in unfair practices during tests will be dealt with Very Strictly.
  • Participation in External Assessments, Tests and Competitive Exams is purely Optional but is recommended by the School.
  • The Internal Assessment in the School will be carried on as per the recommendations of CBSE and will be changed on the basis of the Circulars from the board from time to time. The Students and Parents will be Intimated about the changes, if any.