Ms. Sofiya Singh


A strong motivated and a charismatic leader with a clear vision.

Ms. Sheeba Ibrahim

Vice Principal

A truly inspiring, dedicated and a great person.

Ms. Aswani Gopinath


The strength of  our school team is each individual member and I assure to use human resources of our school in a best way.

Ms. Kavitha

Admin Officer

I cherish to bring, support, hold and streamline both our school team and organization together

Ms. Alisha Anakath

Academi Secretary

I handle all clerical tasks in our school’s office with great responsibility.

Ms. Cerin Punnoose

School Nurse

I hold to aid, I help to save and I always make sure that nothing goes wrong with our kids.

Mr. Jaishankar


Accounting is my life. I do it honestly without losing “BALANCE”.

Jayesh GS

IT Support

I ensure 100% security and efficiency of IT infrastructure in our school.

Ms. Neeraja

Front Desk Officer

My qualities and skills as a receptionist, would give a memorable entrance to our guests and visitors and portrays our school in its best light.

Mr. Ramachandran Puthiottikandy

Social Service HOD

A strong follower of democratic principles and secularism who ardently tries to instill critical thinking in students.

Ms. Ruksana


I am sincere and a dedicated professional who works intently to assist students with enrollment and withdrawal of classes.

Mr. Sarath Chandran


I provide a positive customer experience with fair, friendly and courteous service.

Ms. Shani Shahuddin

English HOD

An enthusiastic and passionate teacher who inspires hope ignites imagination and teaches how to think intensively and critically.

Ms. Shyama Renjith

Primary Supervisor

A dedicated, diligent and  strong motivator who encourages  a cooperative and positive attitude in all students.

Ms. Sujitha Rajkumar

KG Supervisor

An experienced person with high skills in management, developing and administering preprimary routine and coordinating all activities.

Ms. Zainab Bashir Elenaeim

Arabic Secretary

A highly professional and skilled person in performing administrative tasks at the school, working closely with the HR department by providing the required support.

Mr. Abdulrahim

Transport Officer

I ensure quality transport service that offers peace of mind to students and parents.